The Health Data Summit Riga “Toward Data-Driven Health: Sharing is Caring” is an online summit organized by Ministry of Health of Latvia, National Health Service and AmCham Latvia. It is the largest gathering of its kind in Latvia covering topics related to data governance in healthcare.

Even though patients are the focal point of healthcare, they are not always provided with sufficient information, attention, and compassion. A digital transformation needs to take place to make effective use of the available data, that would reshape the relationship between patients, healthcare providers and the healthcare system to meet the demand for personalized and outcome driven services.

The summit embraces a discussion on the most pressing healthcare needs illuminated by the global pandemic and focus on advancing data-driven healthcare. Progression will drive research and innovation and result in better quality of care for patients, increased efficiency and sustainability of healthcare systems.

Recommendations for a health data strategy and data-driven decision making are established while raising awareness of the necessity to invest in digitalization of health data and the benefits to be achieved for all stakeholders. The summit works as a catalyst in the development of a new user-friendly and sustainable digital healthcare system in Latvia.



Speakers from all over the world

The summit is joined by high-level decision makers, practitioners, patients, industry leaders and founders of health start-ups from around the globe. Among the speakers are Ilze Viņķele, Minister of Health of the Republic of Latvia, Dr. Abraham Verghese, Professor for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at Stanford University Medical School, Stella Kyriakides, Europe Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Microsoft EMEA Health leader Elena Bonfiglioli and others.